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Electric Shock Mosquito Killer ( Random Color )

Electric Shock Mosquito Killer ( Random Color )
Electric Shock Mosquito Killer ( Random Color )
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Electric Shock Mosquito Killer ( Random Color )
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1. This is a portable mosquito killer lamp. With this high age electric bug zapper, there are no annoying bugs. 2. According to the habits of mosquitoes, the purple LED of the insect killer lamp can accurately release violet light waves of about 368nm, and the mosquitoes will automatically rush to the power grid to be killed.&sp; 3. Mosquito Killer Lamp can protect you and your family from pesky bugs and bites.&sp; 4. You can take it with you and place it anywhere without wires. Just turn on the power and the mosquitoes will disappear. Description: Name: Mosquito Killer 【Material】ABS+PC Gross weight: 0.18KG for direct plug, 0.21KG for charging Packaging specification: 9.3×9.3x14CM box specification: 52x52x58CM FCL weight: 15KG for direct plug, 20KG for charging plug-in: usb port is connected to the power supply and it will be turned on after plugging in (the direct plug-in model has no night light function) Charging model: It can be connected to the power supply to turn on or can be charged and taken out (rechargeable, with night light function) Packing list: 1 x Mosquito Killer 1 x USB data cable
–Electronic mosquito killers can easily remove mosquitoes, flies and gnats. –The device is easy to use and ideal for indoor use such as home and travel. –Fast, gentle and effective: Kills bugs physically without any chemicals or nasty stuff, it can be used around children and pets. –It can be charged quickly and easily via micro USB and has an anti-static switch for up to 7 hours. –It is a small, careful and almost silent bug removal device. Error-free home living for you and your family

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